weighted golf club

How A Weighted Golf Club Can Add Distance

Posted by: Mike    7 years ago    Exercise Video Tips, Golf Exercises, Improve Golf Swing, Power Golf    2 responses

I don’t know about you, but most of would like more distance off the tee. Are you with me? If so, what are you currently doing to get those extra yards? I want you to think for a moment when you see the baseball players when they’re ‘on deck’. What are they doing? They are […]

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Swing A Weighted Golf Club To Improve Your Distance

Posted by: Mike    9 years ago    Exercise Video Tips, Improve Golf Swing, Videos    16 responses

There are so many ways to “skin the cat” and increase your driving distance. One way is the report I put together at Hit Longer Drives, and another very effective way is by swinging a weighted golf club. I personally apply both methods, but today I put together a video (see below) to show you […]

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