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Core Rotation Golf Exercise For Longer Drives

Posted by: Mike    9 years ago    Exercise Video Tips, Golf Exercises, Golf Strength Training, Improve Golf Swing, Power Golf    5 responses

A stronger core creates more clubhead speed, power and distance. Doing simple golf exercises with dumbbells (free weights) in your home can give you more yards quickly. It’s no secret! The majority of the tour players are now focusing on golf conditioning, so why wouldn’t you? Watch this golf training video tip and implement it […]

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Power Golf Swing Trainer = Longer Drives

Posted by: Mike    9 years ago    Improve Golf Swing    5 responses

Are you still looking for a golf gift for your spouse, co-worker, maybe even your boss? I’m not a big believer in golf swing trainers or training aids, and am always a bit skeptical when I see them on an infomercial, but I have to admit, I am a junkie for at least looking at […]

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