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Exercises That Are Good For Golf

Posted by: Mike    7 years ago    Golf Exercises    2 responses

I’ve been a fitness professional for 25 years, and exclusively for golf the past 10. There are definitely exercises that are good for golf. I am of the belief that any exercise is better than none, but golfers should stay specific to the demands of their golf swing. I’m a big proponent of core work […]

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Power Golf Swing Trainer = Longer Drives

Posted by: Mike    9 years ago    Improve Golf Swing    5 responses

Are you still looking for a golf gift for your spouse, co-worker, maybe even your boss? I’m not a big believer in golf swing trainers or training aids, and am always a bit skeptical when I see them on an infomercial, but I have to admit, I am a junkie for at least looking at […]

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