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Best Golf Impact Exercise For More Distance

Posted by: Mike    7 years ago    Exercise Video Tips, Golf Exercises, Golf Strength Training, Improve Golf Swing, Power Golf, Videos    one response

I hear from a lot of golfers via email that struggle with impact. Feeling weak through the impact area is very common, and I’ve got the best golf exercise using tubing to improve your distance and power. I want all golfers to know that you can improve your golf swing power right in your home, […]

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Golf Exercises At Home Exercises For Power Golf

Posted by: Mike    10 years ago    Golf Exercises    7 responses

Did you know you can do golf exercises at home that will dramatically improve your golf swing power, distance, consistency and overall enjoyment of the game? If you’ve been a follower of my articles and this new blog, you’ll know that every exercise I use in all my golf exercise dvds, manual, online membership and […]

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