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3 Minutes A Day For 30 Yards!

Posted by: Mike    2 years ago    Golf Exercises    no responses

Give Me Just 3 Minutes A Day…And I’ll Show You How To Be The Longest Hitter In Your Foursome… Add Up To 30 Yards On Your Drives, Dramatically Improve Your Consistency, And Play Pain-Free Golf For 18 Holes The Lazy Man’s Guide To Better Golf – Instant Download Attention: If you are over 40, this […]

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Golf Resistance Training Program For More Power

Posted by: Mike    7 years ago    Exercise Video Tips, Golf Exercises, Golf Strength Training, Power Golf    one response

Watch this video to see a fun, effective and simple exercise using golf exercise tubing as your resistance. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know how I roll. I truly believe any golfer can quickly and easily add up to 30 yards on their drives just by spending a […]

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