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3 Minutes A Day For 30 Yards!

Posted by: Mike    2 years ago    Golf Exercises    no responses

Give Me Just 3 Minutes A Day…And I’ll Show You How To Be The Longest Hitter In Your Foursome… Add Up To 30 Yards On Your Drives, Dramatically Improve Your Consistency, And Play Pain-Free Golf For 18 Holes The Lazy Man’s Guide To Better Golf – Instant Download Attention: If you are over 40, this […]

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Off Season Golf Workout Program – Winter Training

Posted by: Mike    8 years ago    Golf Exercises, Golf Strength Training, Golf Stretching, Improve Golf Swing, Motivation, Power Golf    8 responses

When it’s time to put the clubs away for the winter, it’s time to re-evaluate your season and see where you can make improvements duing the off season. This is your opportunity to start your next golf season right out of the gate, with lower scores and longer drives. You won’t have to “work your […]

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Your Golf Swing Sucks

Posted by: Mike    10 years ago    Improve Golf Swing    no responses

Did that get your attention? I’ve heard SO many golfers walking off the course say this about their own golf swing that I thought it pertinent to write about it. It’s an amazing sight to see all these golfers walk off the course in near disgust, but never do anything different in regards to preparation […]

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