Jordan Spieth, The New Sensation In Golf


Tiger Woods was elected as the Player of the Year of the PGA Tour for 11th time, despite not winning a major in the season for the third time in his career; however the great story season in golf was about rookie Jordan Spieth. The young golfer started the season ranked 810th in the world, […]

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Congrats To Henrik Stenson For Winning Both Tour Championship AND Fedex Cup

Congratulations to Henrik Stenson for his win at the Tour Championship AND Fedex Cup for a combined $11.44 million dollars. He put on a ball-striking clinic the entire weekend until today where it seemed he felt the pressure a bit, but still made some clutch putts to get the trophy and big check. Jordan Spieth […]

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Phil Mickelson Wins British Open


Congrats to Phil Mickelson and his family for the victory at the British Open. He’s a class act, and with what his wife Amy has gone through these past few years, it’s great to see!

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Get More Golf Out of your TV

Golf is a cerebral game that involves strategy, concentration, and an immense amount of mental stamina. However, it may not be as fast-paced as 300 pound men running into each other at full speed. As a result, Golf doesn’t always get the coverage it deserves from television providers. Luckily, golf fans can finally breathe a […]

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Congrats Adam Scott Masters Winner

Adam Scott 2013 Masters Champion

I’m very happy to see Adam Scott finally win his first major, and the biggest one of all the Masters. I have a friend in Australia I just emailed, and he is quite excited, as I’m sure most of Australia is. If Tiger could putt, he might be wearing another green jacket. Either way, The […]

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