Simple Steps To Creating A Habit For Your Golf Exercise

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We all know exercise can be difficult to stick with and see results. Millions of people in our country go in and out of exercise programs as frequently as the wind blows. If you’ve been a follower of my methods, you’ll know I strongly defend the importance of exercise for a better golf game.

The ONLY way to stop the madness and become a consistent exerciser is to make it a habit. Habits are hard to form, but will a little guidance and support, you’ll be one of the very few people who can say they exercise regularly and feel great.

Simple Steps To Creating An Exercise Habit

Focus on one at a time. Don’t try to create a new exercise habit AND diet plan. You’ll be setting yourself up for failure. Focus on exercise first, then when you’ve got that one licked you can slowly work on your eating plan.

Design your plan, then put it on paper. Just saying you’re going to exercise isn’t enough. We all have the best of intentions, but seeing the plan in writing will make it feel like a real commitment. Make it as specific as you can. Will you do it in the morning or everning? How many days each week are you going to do it? How long for each session?

Refine it. Now it’s time to break it down even more. Whatever you come up with, ask yourself if you can really do it. This is important. I want to set you up for success not failure :smile:. Show it to your spouse or a close friend and get their opinion. Don’t take it as gospel, but get a second opinion.

I see many people with lofty goals and plans that are not realistic. In fact, studies have shown people’s ‘realistic’ plans for exercising more often are virtually the same as their ‘best case scenario’ plans.

To put it simply, many people think that everything will turn out as well as it possibly can. This is not the real world :sad: . Not very often does anything turn out in the best possible way. To avoid this from happening, cast a critical eye on your plan and make sure that it is truly realistic.

Make Mini-Plans. You’ve now tweaked your plan it is doable. You’ve removed the two hours everyday, seven days a week and any other lofty intentions. Now you’ve got to break it down into “bite-sized” chunks.

So you have a plan to exercise in the mornings. How are you going to achieve it? It’s all in the details! You must make a mini-plan. Do it the night before. Tell yourself “when the alarm goes off at five, I will have my workout clothes beside the bed, put them on and go grab a piece of fruit. At no later than 5:15 I’ll start my program (or head to the club if you don’t have any home equipment).

This is just one example of how a mini-plan can bridge the gap between wanting to do it and actually doing it.

Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! Repetition will solidify this new exercise habit. You’ve got to do this over and over to get to a point of automatic (with no self talk). Habits are something we do consistently and regularly.

Just think of something you currently do on a regular basis. Anything. Do you give it much thought? I’ll bet not. You just do it! To get to the automatic point with your new exercise plan, you then have to repeat it til you get it there. It will happen. Don’t deter or move away from this new plan. You will soon get to a point where it will just happen.

If you are having any difficulty at all, go back and take a look at my pain/pleasure approach and it will get you back on track.

So, there’s your new habit! I hope this information has been useful to you. I know how hard it is to create an exercise habit, but you MUST if you want to have a better quality of life and enjoy your golf game for years to come.