Your Golf Swing Sucks

Did that get your attention?

I’ve heard SO many golfers walking off the course say this about their own golf swing that I thought it pertinent to write about it. It’s an amazing sight to see all these golfers walk off the course in near disgust, but never do anything different in regards to preparation to improve it.

This literally BLOWS MY MIND!

There’s a phrase out there, “if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you get!”

This is SO true!

It’s time golfers woke up and took a different approach. Get with the modern golf training approach and work on not just the technical aspects of your golf swing but the PHYSICAL ones as well. Golf is brutal on the body IF… you are weak and tight. If you are strong and flexible… specific to your golf swing, you will never have any trouble with injuries, aches and pains AND more important an inefficient and inconsistent golf swing.

Being able to repeat a sound golf swing is physically demanding. A broken body cannot and WILL NOT ever produce the results you are looking and hoping for.

It’s time to look at golf like any other sport and train (prepare) your body to perform!

If you don’t you’ll continue to walk off the 18th green with a :sad: on your face instead of what could be a BIG 😀