Learn The Secret To A Consistent Golf Swing

What is one of the most common golf swing attributes of the tour players? I’m going to say balance is near the top! If you don’t have golf swing balance you’ll never have a consistent swing. Do you agree?

You’ll Never Have Good Swing Mechanics If…

Golf Swing BalanceIt is nearly impossible to have proper golf swing mechanics if you are falling all over yourself throughout your swing. How many times have you lost your balance during your swing? Maybe you swung too hard, or you just didn’t have a good setup to begin with.

Did you know that a physical restriction in your body could be causing this unstableness in your golf swing? Whether it be strength or flexibility, your body will attempt to compensate and this compensation can lead to swing faults and inefficencies. It’s the trickle effect. One limitations causes a swing fault, which causes another swing fault and even more compensations.

It’s a vicious cycle!

The most common balance inefficiency is falling forward and backward. For example, if you fall forward during your backswing, you will need to compensate by coming backward to get back to inpact where you should be. So one balance issue creates another one…all during ONE golf swing! And if not addressed and corrected, could go on for all 18 holes!

There can be many causes of this dipping forward on your backswing (why don’t you join in via comments below and let us know what you think is causing these balance and stability issues), but working on your balance specific to your swing should improve this situation dramatically.

Tips To Improve Your Balance:

  • Stand on a circular foam roller to work on forward/backward balance.
  • Make golf swings on one leg, or at least put your feet together to challenge your balance.
  • Do as many of your golf exercises on one leg as possible. I do 75% of my standing exercises on one leg.
  • Stretch your hamstrings to prevent coming out of your posture (losing balance) during your swing.
  • Hit balls without shoes. Get in your back yard and do it in your bare feet.
  • Swinging in the sand with no shoes is also great.

If you’re struggling with your balance and stability in your golf swing, try the tips above. If you have some tips that have worked for you, by all means let us know (comment below) and we’ll give them a try!