4 Steps To A Better Golf Swing

When you think of achieving a better golf swing, what comes to your mind? Is it taking more golf lessons? Buying another training aid? How about pounding more golf balls? Has that worked for you yet?

What’s that phrase? “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you get”. Is that right 😕 I think it is.

What’s needed (IMHO) is going to back to the basics to see if something is out of whack. What I mean by basics is your fundamentals. You should always go back to fundamentals when your game goes south.

Recently I was shocked to find out my grip was incorrect. My address position with my clubface was wrong (it was open). And I had no spine tilt. I can tell you… before I found that out, I was practicing 2-3 hours a day (I am NOT kidding 😯 ) … and not seeing a dang bit of improvement… so learn from me if you have to. It was all about getting my grip right. My address and tilt corrected, and presto… I was hitting great golf shots without spending my life on the range in utter frustrationg.

So here are my simple Steps To A Better Golf Swing

Proper Grip

Make sure for most of you, you have a slightly stronger grip, which makes it easier to square your clubface at impact. Also, place your right hand more on top and not to the side. This is a more natural position for your hand to lay on the club. This grip will allow you to turn the face over at address, which for most amateur golfers will cure their slice, and actually produce a slight draw.

Golf Address And Posture Position

Make sure your clubface is perfectly square, facing the target. Here’s what it should look like, from an overhead view (see below).

Square Clubface

Your address position should be very athletic and natural. Picture getting ready to jump straight up off the ground. That’s how you should feel with the correct address. Your posture must be quite erect, as a curved upper back (hump) will hinder your ability to make a full turn in your backswing, resulting in a massive drop in power and distance. This is one of the keys to a better golf swing.

Take a look at this picture for a the proper address and posture in your golf swing.

Spine Tilt

Make sure you have a slight tilt “away” from the target with your upper body spine. I had no tilt, and therefore never really got behind the ball on my backswing. The added spine tilt made it instantly happens because you are placing your right hand lower than your left on the club, which naturally drops the right shoulder lower than your left. With the longer clubs and driver, your tilt will be a little more.

The above picture was provided by Perfect Golf Swing Review, and Jeffrey Mann.

Ball Position

This is a controversial topic, but the placement of your golf ball at address should be directly in line with your left logo on your golf shirt; or even your left or lead armpit. This is a must! My ball position was too far back creating a steep blow on top of the ball; or for me, I would come up at impact and flip it through 😈

So… work on these fundamentals, and steps to a better golf swing, and I’m sure you’ll see improvement quickly.

What do you think? What’s worked for you? Comment below :smile: