Stack And Tilt Golf Swing: What The Heck Is It?

I recently came across an golf swing article called the Stack And Tilt Golf Swing that was very interesting and is becoming very popular. In fact, Golf Digest Magazine did an article on it as well, so it is definitely gaining some popularity.

Golf swing instructors Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer have devised this swing method. They have a stable of PGA and Nationwide tour players, so they got attention very quickly.

If I’ve peaked your curiousity, Mike Gray over at Life In The Rough golf blog has a follow up stack and tilt golf swing article. Mike does a great job in comparing (see sample picture from article below) two top level players…and pointing out the suttle but definite differences in the so-called modern golf swing and the stack and tilt golf swing.

Stack And Tilt Golf Swing Comparison

The player comparison involves Number One in the world Tiger Woods and a stack and tilt golfer named Will MacKenzie. The pictures are fabulous and very easy to pick out the differences in technique.

Head on over to LifeInTheRough and check it out :smile: !!

Check out the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing Part 2!