Off Season Golf Workout Program – Winter Training

When it’s time to put the clubs away for the winter, it’s time to re-evaluate your season and see where you can make improvements duing the off season. This is your opportunity to start your next golf season right out of the gate, with lower scores and longer drives. You won’t have to “work your way” into the season, you’ll be like a primed athlete ready to bust loose!

Golf Swing Training

Did you have some flaws in your golf swing that resulted in consistent mishits? If so, diagnose the root cause and apply golf swing training drills to correct it. You can do many of these drills right in your home, garage or even your office with a golf club and a mirror :smile:

Repetitive drill training for your golf swing will encourage your muscles to produce the correct technique, so when you get out on the range, you can actually feel the right way to swing a golf club.

Off Season Strength Training Program

Like in any other sport, athletes will spend their off season (winter for golfers) strengthening the specific muscles used in the mechanics of their sport…why wouldn’t you, if you want to improve your golf swing? I’m not talking about grueling gym workouts that break your body and take 2 hours to complete. I’m talking about simple golf strength exercises specfic to your swing you can do in your home in just a few minutes each day…and their fun to do 😀

Off Season Golf Stretching Program

This is a BIGGY! As golfers get older, they lose a tremendous amount of golf specific flexibility, which results in a massive reduction in driving distance and even golf swing consistency. The ONLY way to stop this decline and regain the distance you’ve lost is a golf swing specfic stretching program. You will be absolutely amazed at the freedom you’ll get in your golf swing if you just do a few simple stretches each day. By this time next spring, you’ll be crushing the ball long and straight.

Your Off Season Golf Swing Training Program Is A Must

I hope you’ve read this little blog post, and realize the importance of off season golf training if you want to improve your golf swing power and consistency.

Here’s a shameless plug 😉

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