Muscles Used In A Golf Swing

I’ve received a ton of emails from golfers wanting to know what muscles are used in a golf swing. My takeaway from that is hurray…golfers are finally realizing their golf muscles, if weak and tight are negatively affecting their golf swings 😀 .

My short answer is ALL OF THEM!

The golf swing is a dynamic movement requiring a total body effort in a synchronized manner. I know you wanted to hear about the “secret muscle” if worked on would give you 50 yards on your tee shots right 😉 ?

I have been preaching for over 11 years now the importance of strength and flexibility for golfers. Now it’s finally coming full circle, all though many of you will continue to be in denial and ignore this fact. Too bad for you.

Let’s get back to the topic at hand.

The Key Muscles You Should Focus On For Better Golf

Core Golf Muscles

Your core is the engine to your golf swing. If you can focus on rotational strength and stretching exercises for this area of your body you will have plenty of power in your golf swing, as well as more protection for your lower back. Using medicine balls, exercise tubing, and dumbbells, you can quickly and easily see improvement right in the comfort of your own home.


This crucial muscle on the back of your upper legs will help prevent lower back injury, as well as greatly improve your balance in your golf swing. When you bail out of your swing, it is most likely your tight and weak hamstrings sending a message to your brain to get out of this uncomfortable position. If you can improve this muscles group, you will see amazing results in your golf swing consistency, and ability to play pain-free golf.

Quads (Thighs)

When I think of thighs in golf I think of Jack Nicklaus. Wow, did he have a set of powerful legs on him. Go figure, he was a big hitter in his time. Your thighs will help you maintain the flex in your knees during your swing. I see many golfers who’s legs straight on the backswing, and they are out of their posture, soon to come down and mishit their shot. Strong quads will give you more stability in your swing as well, helping you with your consistency.

Shoulders (Deltoids)

I’m a big believer in both strong and flexible shoulders. The shoulders are the most active joint in the golf swing for sure, so having them in better shape will help you set the club consistently at the top of your golf swing, as well as help you pull your club powerfully through impact.

There are other very important muscles, like the chest, calf and even triceps, but the above ones are the key golf muscles to focus on if you want more power and consistency in your golf swing, as well as preventing golf injury, and playing pain-free golf for years to come.

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