Golf Swing Is AROUND Your Body

My teaching pro, and I had a revelation a couple of days ago, and I truly think it’s going to change my golf swing and golf game forever!

I have taken thousands of dollars of golf lessons, and not until I met my current instructor have I been able to fix my very steep downswing, and lack of hip clearance through impact. Within ONE lesson with him he saw my swing and gave me a tip that changed my swing forever. Then he had me watch some youtube videos of specific tour players to drill it home.

All this time I had viewed, studied and obsessed over the top touring pros like Tiger, Adam Scott, Stuart Appleby…but from the WRONG angle, and I had been misled to thinking the downswing was a real prevalent “down” move from the top. My teaching pro quickly got me to swing AROUND my body and OMG (oh my god) I had NEVER felt my hips clear so easily, and the compression I got on the ball.

Golf Swing Around Body

This picture is my teaching pro Bobby Eldridge of Pure Point Golf.

Bobby has a private membership site that is the MOST awesome site I have ever seen, and I should know because I have a private membership site for golf swing biomechanics (including strength, flexibility and drills), so I am a good judge of what’s good or not.

Bobby’s knowledge of the golf swing is unmatched! I am SO excited I found him, and we are going to be doing some VERY cool things together in the near, near future.

I am now a madman with my golf swing 😀 !

I have been hitting balls EVERY day with this “around my body” swing and it feels SO GOOD!