Time To Evaluate Your Golf Game

Unhappy GolferIt’s that time of year where for many of you, who will be putting your clubs away for the winter, or atleast not playing golf much longer.

It’s time to evaluate your golf season. Did you see improvement? Do you shoot the scores you were aiming for when the season started? If not, it’s time to figure it out and work on it during this golf off season.

I get emails everyday from golfers frustrated with 2 main issues. They are distance off the tee and golf swing consistency. Does this sound familiar, or are your issues different. Don’t be shy to let us know by commenting below.

The goal at the beginning of every season is to get better. To see improvement, and yet golf statistics show the average golfer is NOT getting better. I have to ask why? With technology allowing golfers to hit a sweet spot of their driver the size of a frying pan, how come golfers aren’t getting better.

Along with golf equipment technology, how about instruction? I mean…we have video analysis software to compare against the pro’s, showing exactly what we are doing wrong and yet we can’t improve it.

If you’ve been a follower of this golf blog at all, you’ll know where I’m going with this. If it’s not equipment, and it’s not instruction, what’s left? You tell me? Give up? How about YOU? That’s right. You swing these fancy clubs, but if your body isn’t physically capable of making a technically sound golf swing, there is no way you’re going to play good golf 👿 .

Here’s a shameless plug and question for you.

Would you spend $27 this offseason when you’ve got more time, since you’re not playing, to get on a golf training program, that not only will add distance and consistency to your golf swing, but you will FEEL BETTER too! How’s that sound?

If so, I’ve got a downloadable Power Golf Training ebook that you can have on your computer in less than 5 minutes for a whopping $27. You game? If so, click on the image below to go get the ebook.