Tour Striker Impact Training Club

Do you struggle with hitting thin or bladed shots with your irons? Have you heard of the Tour Striker Golf Training Aid?How about when you’re around the green? Do you have a difficult time hitting the ball clean, and getting it close to the hole?

The common denominator is an improper impact position when you contact the golf ball. I know for myself, I’ve taken dozens of lessons, and was never taught where my hands, and club should be at impact. I can tell you what you think it should and what it truly is will blow your mind.

Take a look at the golfer below. Do you ever get to this position in your golf swing? I’ll bet if you videotaped your swing and they stopped it at impact, it would be nothing like this. I know firsthand, as I have always been a “flipper” of the club through impact. Flipping your hands (wrists) through impact makes it very difficult to hit down and compress the golf ball. In fact, in encourages adding more loft to your iron, making it go higher, and much shorter.

Here’s where the Tour Striker Impact Club comes into the picture. I got a chance to hit one, and was totally blow away how this club single-handedly puts you into the perfect impact position. The design of the club makes you hit the ball with a forward leaning shaft (hands ahead), and hitting the middle of the face. If you don’t contact the ball in this manner, the ball will not get airborn, which will really get you both steamed, and excited to get it right.

After hitting about 20 shots, I finally got the hang of it, and wow…it has changed my ball-striking forever! It has minimized my flipping, which I’ve done my entire golfing life, and helped me compress the ball, and actually take a divot in front of the ball. Pretty cool stuff.

If you are struggling to hit solid iron shots, I would strongly recommend you take a look at this impact training club.

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