Orange Whip Trainer Tempo Training

One thing I’ve been really working on in my golf swing is tempo. I notoriously come down way too fast, and that throws off my golf swing sequence and ruins my ball striking. I have come to the conclusion I need to use a training aid that I feel will really help me with my tempo and swing sequence.

In the search for such a training aid, I came across the Orange Whip Swing Trainer. What I like about this trainer is that it really forces me to swing with good tempo. If I get quick it feels horrible to swing it.

Because it’s a little longer (47.5 inches), and it has that flexible, whippy shaft, I not only get a great feel for tempo, but it’s great for increasing swing speed, and for warming up before you play.

I have mine in my bag at all times now and wouldn’t ever thing to leave it at home.

If you want to find out more about this trainer, click on the image below.