Best Golf Training Aids Relaunches

For the past 10 years, we’ve been the “go-to” golf fitness resource on the net for golfers looking to improve distance and play pain-free golf for years to come.

Recently we’ve relaunched our main site with the Best Golf Training Aids for power and distance. I’ve personally researched AND use every swing aid on our site, and would never put something on there that I don’t truly feel can help a golfer hit more solid, longer drives.

I’m proud to say the response has been very good 😀 Now I really want to get the word out, and hope if you’ve been a past customer of my golf fitness products, or just on my email list, you’ll tell all your golfing buddies about our new Power Golf Training Aid online store.

We have golf swing trainers, swing aids, training clubs, and still have our complete line of golf fitness DVDs, manual and ebooks.

So if you’re struggling with your distance, head on over there to improve your golf swing power.