Discover Tiger Woods Golf Workout Secrets

Tiger Woods Golf WorkoutMany golfers would love to know what Tiger does in his golf workouts to dominate the tour. Do you want to know? If you’ve been like the majority of golfing fans, you’ve seen Tigers body metamorphicize. He has put on something like 30 pounds of muscle since came on tour 10 years ago.

I know some of you might blow it off to his youth, but his dedication to his fitness should be admired and emulated by any golfer who wants to improve their golf swing and game. It’s no secret most of the tour players are working out to be competitive, but Tiger has taken that to another level.

I know very confidently he is not doing anything you couldn’t do as training for golf is not a mystery, but in the same breadth I will say there are many illegitimate so-called golf workout programs, so you do need to do some research.

A friend of mine has put together a fantastic resource for Tiger Woods Workout.