Get More Golf Out of your TV

Golf is a cerebral game that involves strategy, concentration, and an immense amount of mental stamina. However, it may not be as fast-paced as 300 pound men running into each other at full speed. As a result, Golf doesn’t always get the coverage it deserves from television providers. Luckily, golf fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief as technology expands the way people watch TV and providers offer more ways to watch golf on TV.

Online vs. Normal Cable

Online coverage has surpassed the cable medium in terms of golf coverage. Not only has online providers been offering more channels to viewers, but also an increased level of engagement. DirecTV, for instance, offers golf lovers the following extras:

Top Five Leaders – this displays the top five current golfers in relation to par.
Leader Board – Gives a list of all golfers on the field with hole-by-hole stats. Also displays driving distance and putting average. Fans can even track their favorite players.
Course Tour – Gives fans a bird’s eye view and fly-over video for each hole. Also gives descriptions of any of the Tournament’s current holes.
Masters Quiz – Golf fans can test their knowledge with a 10 question quiz that’s refreshed daily. The quiz is on the given tournament.

Get Tournament Coverage

DirecTV has really led the way in increasing the amount of television coverage given to the Masters, the Bridgestone Invitational, the Memorial Tournament, U.S. Open, The Open Championship, PGA championship, and the Barclays. For instance, DirecTV’s Masters Mosaic Channel gave gold fans 6 different ways to watch the Masters Tournament. You can sign up for DirecTV through and save money on first time subscriptions and channel packages.

The coverage will be similar for the U.S. Open taking place June 13-16. DirecTV will allow viewers to watch broadcasts from ESPN, two Featured Groups, and dedicated coverage on the 11th and 18th holes which have historically been the most difficult for golfers. These channels are available in consecutive change (Ch. 701-704) which means that golf lovers won’t even have to switch back and forth from channels.

When people turn on their TV they are no longer just watching a program. They are fully engaged on a higher level than ever before in history. Golf fans can now track their favorite players, take quizzes, and become fully immersed in the golfing experience.