Make Putting Your Number One Priority

This is a guest post from Fred Peters the author of Ping Golf Clubs.

If you are a weekend warrior like myself, I bet you get frustrated that your golf score is not dropping. Let’s face it, golf is a tough game that requires a lot practice. For a weekend golfer like me, free time is the hardest thing to find. If you find it hard to find time to practice, then focus on putting.

Why practice putting?

Putting makes up 50% of your golf game. But, too often it is overlooked by golfers. I know when I do find time to practice, I tend to go to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls. But, for a lot of us weekend golfers, this practice time could be better spent by practicing putting.

Unlike hitting a golf driver or a 2 iron, putting is a relatively simple thing to master. And everyone can master it. Putting only takes practice.

How can I master putting?

Putting only requires three skills. First you need to be able to consistently hit the ball smoothly and solidly. Second you need to be able to determine how hard you need to hit the ball and be able to consistently swing the putter at this speed. And, third you need to be able to read greens to be able to visualize how the ball will roll on its way to the hole.

While these skills are not easy, they are much easier than the skills needed to hit your driver or long irons. They are also skills that anyone can master.
You do not need to be super coordinated to be a good putter. You just need practice. But, this practice will be well worth the effort. Why? Because I guarantee that you will become a better putter.

So why don’t we practice putting more. Well, as the old saying goes, “You drive for show, and put for dough.” We all become obsessed with being able to hit that beautiful long, straight drive. After all, it looks good.

However, that is just show. If you three putt or rarely one put, then I guarantee that you will lower your golf score more by practicing you putting.

Ok, stop reading this and go practice your putting!