Jim McLean’s Triple “X-Factor” – Yeah Right

Golf Digest's Jim McLean
I had to laugh reading Golf Digest (I try to stay away from them) for January 2008 with Jim McLean and his Triple “X-Factor” article.

Yet again another instructor telling a golfer the positions he must be in and NEVER discussing the physical requirements to do it! God that urks me to know end 😈 !!

In theory what he is saying is 100% correct, so I’m not berating him for his instruction skills, but I want to expose to all amateur golfers this is IMPOSSIBLE without a higher level of both strength and flexibility. You can dream to get in those positions he talks about, but it will NEVER happen.

In fact, if you try to get in those positions with poor strength and flexibility your swing will get WORSE! Yes… that is exactly right! You will add more tension in your swing because you are struggling to do with the “guru” tells you to do, but your body CAN’T do it! Plain and simple guys!

I don’t know how much more I’ve got to get golfers to understand this fundamental aspect of golf. If you are physically broken, stop wasting your time taking lessons, reading magazines and buying all this gimmicky training aids. It won’t help! Prove me wrong 😛 .

Until you recognize that your body is not up to par, you will never take the right approach to playing better golf. Especially if you’re an aging golfer. You’re only recourse is to keep playing from the shorter tees. Just don’t get so desperate that you’ll be playing from the junior tee’s which are shorter than the ladies tees.

Please feel free to jump in on this and give me your “2 cents” worth. I’d love to hear it.