Play Pain Free Golf – Prevent Golf Back Strain Injury

Play Pain Free Golf - Eliminate Golfer InjuryBeing able to play pain free golf is a dream for the majority of golfers. Especially the older golfer. Do you look like this golfer on the left, with his golf back strain?

Golfers don’t realize the extreme stress the golf swing puts on the human body. You’ve got to remember you are swing a 3 and a half foot implement up to 85+ MPH in a very awkward position (golf posture), and if your body is not supple enough, you will put undo stress on your joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. The end result is a golf injury that could keep you out of golf indefinitely.

What’s worse is a golfer who swings at it too hard (beyond his/her current physical ability) and not only hits a bad shot, but hurts themselves in the act. Does this sound familiar? I’ve seen it firsthand “on the golf course”, during play.

Okay…enough of the “doom and gloom”, now here’s how to prevent golf injuries from occurring. You have 2 choices really. One is to swing easier (within your physical capabilities), which for most golfers is nearly impossible. We all want to “kill that golf ball”. The second choice is to strengthen and stretch your body specific to golf. There is a double benefit here. You not only prevent golf injury, you have more power in your swing, and off the course, you have a much better quality of life.

Doesn’t that sound good? Better golf and a better life? The only problem I’ve come across (without pulling any punches) is golfers are LAZY 😯 !

I look at it this way. You’ve got two more choices. You can not work on your body and experience pain in your golf swing; inconsistency; shorter drives. Or, you can play much better golf, and feel great doing it. Which one do you want to do? The ball’s in your court now.

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