4 Ways To Cure Golfers Elbow

Golfers Elbow ImageMany golfers experience golfers elbow during their playing days. This is a painful and drawn out injury that can linger for months if not treated carefully. Your main goal should be to find a cure and take care of it asap.

This injury usually occurs in the lead arm, caused by chronic over-gripping of the club, or hitting repetitive fat shots that go directly into this area of the arm.

Poor swing technique is the culprit, and until you improve your swing, you will expose your body to numerous injuries.

1. Rest And Ice. Just like any other injury, you need to discontinue doing what’s causing the pain and ice it 3-4 times a day for the next few days. Continuing to agitate an injury will only prolong the recovery and potentially create a chronic situation where you’ll be dealing with it for many years.

This threat to your golf game should be taken seriously 😯 . You need to listen to your body and act accordingly. In this situation, REST is of the utmost of importance. Ice is a neccessity to eliminating the inflammation causing the pain.

If you can, wrap the ice pack firmly on the painful area. This is called compression and will speed up the elimination of any swelling or inflammation. Also, lie down and have the elbow elevated on a pillow to increase blood flow to the injured area.

2. Wear An Elbow Strap. Although this isn’t a cure, this will allow you to play during your rehabilitation. Look at the picture of the golfer above wearing an elbow strap. This is what I’m talking about. Just remember…the goal is to cure your elbow injury and NOT have to wear this long-term.

This is a short-term fix, but for you fanatic golfers, it will get you back on the course with a reduction in the pain while you’re playing. Do not use this strap as a “bandaide” fix, without properly treating this injury and eliminating it for good.
3. Elbow Injury Stretches. Stretching the specific muscles involved with gripping will help prevent golfers elbow from reoccurring. If you want to completely avoid this injury, you’ll do these simple stretches on a daily basis.

Since this injury involves your gripping (forearm) muscles, it makes sense to do the standard forearm stretches where you hold your arm straight out and pull your fingers back and hold, then pull your fingers down and hold. Simple stretch you may have done before, but for golfers elbow they are a must.

4. Use That Tennis Ball. One of the easiest ways to improve forearm strength is to repeatedly grip a rubber ball. Whether it be a tennis ball, racquet ball, or some other smallish rubber ball. Have it at your desk and squeeze that sucker all day long!

These may seem like a simple exercise that has no magic, but it truly works if you do it consistently. For maximum results, squeeze the ball first then do you stretches.

There you have it 😀 ! A simple system to cure golfers elbow pain. If you have any other exercises, stretches or methods, please chime in via comment below and let us know.