Golf Fitness, Exercises And Stretches Improve Distance

In the last 11 years of being online, and providing golf fitness, exercises and stretching information, I’ve come across hundreds if not thousands of golfers who still ignore this critical aspect of golf improvement.

It amazes me as every golf tournament on the television, whether it be a PGA, Champions or LPGA event, mentions fitness EVERY single time. I’ve always had the approach if you want to get better at something you must model someone who is at a higher level, and do what they do.

I’m not going to sit hear and say fitness is the “cure-all-end-all”, but for the senior golfer it should be a major focus as this golf demographic has typically seen a massive drop in physical capabilities, both in regard to strength and flexibility.

If the senior golfer does not improve this declining element of golf, they will continue to see a decrease in their performance, which for many also experience a lack of enjoyment for the game they’ve played and enjoyed for decades.

The golf swing requires a certain level of both flexibility and strength if you want to maximize your distance, accuracy and consistency.

For example, if your muscles are tight, and it restricts your ability to make a full backswing, you will have a poor swing sequence, and tension will creep in, creating a quick, short swing that does not all you to hit the sweet spot of your club, resulting in mishits, poor distance and difficulty making pars.

On the other hand if you have a lower level of strength, lets say in your core area, you will not be able to swing the club at a high enough speed to have any amount of distance with your driver. So even if you can make a full backswing, if your core cannot store up that energy (stretch of your abdominals), you will not be able to come down into the ball with any torque (speed).

There is more information than ever for the golfer to be able to do many simple golf exercises, stretches and fitness programs right in their own home with minimal equipment. So there is no excuse to ignore this very important factor of golf improvement.