Get Fit For Golf In 2012

Okay…this is New Year’s resolution time so I couldn’t help myself. Do you have some new goals this year? Maybe it’s weight loss. Or, maybe you’ve seen a big drop in your driving distance and want to get stronger for longer drives.

I know that the majority of golfers put fitness at the bottom of their list, but what price can you put on your health? And do you really want to keep playing golf at a level you know is below your capabilities?

I interact with dozens if not hundreds of golfers a day via the net, and many of them are not satisfied with their golf. The all want to hit it further, and many are playing in pain. That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to me, but that’s all your choice isn’t it?

Fitness is becoming the norm now with golfers who desire a better swing, with more power. All the young golfers, as well as collegiate, mini-tour and professionals are involved in a golf training program. They all realize they must get their bodies in the very best shape to compete at a higher level.

You may not have those lofty of goals, but I know you probably want more out of your game. That’s the big challenge, is always want to shoot lower scores, and hit that booming drive all your golf buddies talk about after.

Why not make 2012 the year you’re going to get fit for golf?