Tiger Woods…Here We Go Again

What can I say about Tiger Woods 😀 ? Do I have to keep talking about Tiger’s dominance on tour, and why he is blowing away the other players (8 strokes in the Buick Open)? If golfers aren’t getting it…it’s because he puts the WORK in. Yes… that’s right! The dreaded word WORK.

What work is it?

We all know about his physical training in regards to golf exercises, stretching and dynamic training training with medicine balls, dumbbells and cables (tubing). So why aren’t golfers waking up? Why don’t they realize their body’s are what’s keeping them from a better game, not their equipment or more lessons.

We can’t ignore his mental strength either. Working with his green beret dad early on gave him the focus that no other golfer can match… period!

The combination of physical training for golf and mental training is what every golfer should focus on. If you’ve been playing for several years, you know how to swing a club. Do you really think more lessons is going to help? It’s time to wake up and take a look in the mirror at what’s keeping you from reaching your potential.