Cure Your Low Back Pain With Exercise For Golfers

Statistics show golfers are in pain. The low back is the main culprit. I want to show you a simple exercise you can do that will help prevent pain from recurring in your lower back, but first you must recognize how physically damaging the golf swing is to your body.

If you don’t recognize it, you won’t put a high enough importance on it and will continue to experience low back pain and stiffness indefinitely.

Just look at the mechanics of the golf swing. You are in this very unnatural position called golf posture. With the forward tilt you’re in, your back is already under strain, so it’s no wonder golfers have low back pain 😥 , but lets continue with this.

So we’re in this uncomfortable forward tilt that promotes strain and we’re going to swing a 3 foot long club around our bodies in this position? From a biomechanical standpoint, you could easily think this is physically impossible. But no…we golfers will hack away all day long no matter what right?

So with this much potential damage to your body from this “leisure game”, do you think it’s necessary to build up your body to help prevent this? Or, should you just keep hacking balls, playing and hope you don’t get hit with this debilitation?

My guess is you’re smarter than that, and you’ll realize you must do something. This something is stretches for golf, and golf strength training.

The stronger and more flexible you get your golf-specific muscles, the far lessor chance you’ll ever have of getting injured from golf :smile: . All it takes is really easy and simple exercises done daily to cure this problem and be pain-free forever. But…you must be diligent with them or you won’t get the results you are looking for.

You probably have seen this exercise (see below) many times, if so, have you done it? No…I mean have you done it consistently? Like everyday? If not, do this one first thing in the morning when you wake up. Do 3 sets of 10 and you’ll be off and running.

Low Back Exercise On Ball

Notice how my arms are wide? That gives me an added exercise for the muscles between my shoulder blades to help maintain a nice spine angle in my golf swing. I keep my arms like this the entire time I do the set, which is just raising and lowering my upper body on the ball.

Give this exercise a try and you’ll kiss your low back pain good-bye forever!