Tiger Woods Still Dominates US Open When Hurt

Tiger Woods at US Open ChampionshipI’m sitting here watching Tiger on the 18th hole at the US Open Golf Championship on Saturday. The guy is an ANIMAL! His golf injury to his knee is absolutely KILLING him. Will he make his eagle putt? I’ll tell you in about 10 seconds as he is getting ready to putt. Come on Tiger…make this thing!

HE MADE IT! Oh My God! There is NO one EVER like this guy!!! What an absolute STUD! Wow!

This guy IS THE TOUR! He brings SO MUCH EXCITEMENT to the game! Can you tell I’m a bit juiced up right now? Wow!

Now…lets talk about his golf injury and why he even has it.

We all talk about Tigers Workout Routine and how dedicated he is to it, but nobody talks about the swing he makes at the ball and the stress, torque and abuse he puts his body through.

No one else on tour could do what he is doing? The guy today was in sheer pain! Just think if he hadn’t been in such awesome shape? He wouldn’t being playing pro golf I can tell you.

What can he do from here?

Well…the ONLY choice he has is to modify his golf swing. He cannot continue swinging like he has and have any longevity on tour. There is NO WAY POSSIBLE! He needs to keep stress off that lead knee. The way he staps it back and into a nearly locked position is brutal on the ligaments and cartilage in his knee. This continued abuse will leave his knee bone-on-bone with no cartilage and pain every day of his life.

I am a HUGE Tiger Woods fan, and he makes my business fitness for golf much easier to sell to golfers. But this injury goes beyond even his high fitness level and into a realm none of us even want to think about. Which could be no more Tiger Woods on tour in the next couple of years 😥

I am pulling for Tiger tomorrow to win this thing on sheer guts! Come on BIG GUY!