New Year’s Resolutions…Here We Go!

It’s that time of year! Millions of people will “hope” to create some New Year’s resolutions (or maybe the same ones year after year 😉 ). Why does it take a date for people to attempt to take action? I’ve never understood that. If we are so weak in mind that a date on a calender dictates our choices and decisions, we are not in control of our lives.

Weight Loss

Losing weight is the biggest New Year’s resolution of all time! This is the year people are going to make it happen 😯 (right). I was in my gym yesterday and a guy (regular exerciser) said, “what’s with all these people?”. I said, “they’ll be gone for the year in about 10 days.” I hate to sound so cynical, but I have seen this occurrence time and time again.

Does this sound familiar? Have you done this before? I know in certain situations (ie. cleaning my office) I have been guilty. But your health should be at the top of your list. Above food! Above bad habits! If you don’t have your health, you have nothing!

Losing weight should be an ongoing, conscious effort by everyone. I don’t understand why people don’t take it more seriously. We have more desease and obesity in our country than we ever have. Isn’t that enough to wake people up? We are not invincible! The human body is easily broken. Unless you take care of it (eat right and exercise) you will be a statistic like everyone else out there!

Improve Flexibility

Most golfers dream of being more flexible. Being able to make a full turn without straining too much. Unfortunately for most… it’s only a dream. Golfers aren’t putting in the effort to see results. God forbid… nothing comes easy 😥 !

Stretching for golfers doesn’t have to be torture. In fact, just a couple of targeted stretches on a daily basis will make a huge difference in you golf swing. Don’t picture the effort it takes, picture the results! Longer drives! No more back pain! Less risk of injury!

Start A Fitness Program

Along with weight loss, starting a fitness program is the second biggest New Year’s resolution that never really happens. I have the theory people who have these resolutions, lose motivation in less than 10 days, and the excuses start up all over again. We can rationalize anything in our minds we want… and we can make it sound reasonable (in our minds), but is that really the right approach? NO! Making excuses and giving yourself “outs” from exercise or proper eating are a joke! Don’t get caught up in this anymore! Be more aware of all your thoughts at all times and you’ll soon see how you’re trying to sabatoge your mind 24/7!

I have a new golf exercise program coming out in the next few days that is the perfect “kickstart” for anyone with a New Year’s resolution or just want to “ease into” a fitness for golf program.

In closing, don’t let a date (January 1) dictate you doing something for your health. Really look at how ridiculous this is and don’t fall in this trap.