Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Golfers

nullDid you like my “play on words”? I hope it caught your attention. I’ve been giving it quite a bit of thought, and decided to come up with “my list” of what I think the top 7 habits are of highly successful golfers. This is just “my opinion”, they are not in any particular order, and I invite you to add your opinion freely. If anything, disagree with me and spunk up the comments on this post.

Playing better golf is a grind. Trying to improve your score while minimizing the “bleeding” is very hard. In fact, statistics show…for every golfer that picks up the game, there is one who is quitting. Isn’t that an eye-opener? I thought it was an interesting statistic.

1. Focus on golf fundamentals. Effective and successful golfers have solid fundamentals. Grip, stance, posture. These are critical before you even start your golf swing. If these are not solid, your chances of conistently hitting a good shot are far less.

2. Smart Practice. Successful golfers don’t go to the range without an agenda. They have a specific purpose for each practice session. It might be working on a consistent take-away for the entire practice. It could be spending a large amount of time doing a drill for their swing fault. It could be broken down to set time periods with each range of clubs.

3. Physical preparation. If you’ve been reading this blog at all, or maybe you have my golf fitness products already, you know how strong I feel about this. If I had my druthers, it would be at the top of the list :roll: ! But we can’t be partial can we 😉 . The best golfers focus on their physical weaknesses and make them strengths. Most amateurs don’t! They also work on their bodies specific to golf consistently.

4. Mental training. Most of the touring pros have their very own mental golf coach. They know how critical it is to maintain focus and composure for 4 straight days. Just a few slip ups and they miss a cut and make no money. Do you work on your mental game? What do you do currently to keep your focus on the course and for every shot?

5. Nutrition for prolonged energy. This one could be in the physcial preparation one, but I think it warrant its very own one. You get out of your body what you put in it. If you put low octane fuel in it, you’ll get the results of an AMC Pacer (remember those clunkers?). If you put the fuel of a ferrari, you’ll get stealth results, meaning personal best scores and even trophies from your local club tournaments.

6. Goal setting. Like in any endeavor, if you don’t set goals you have nothing to shoot for. You need to have a goal that really makes you reach! Not just lower your handicap by 2 strokes, but how about by 5 within one golf season? You can set goals for one round of golf, a tournament and for the entire season. Write them down and plot a plan to achieve them. The successful golfers sets goals for every round, tournament and season he/she plays in, and evaluates progress conistently.

7. Golf swing analysis. I added this one as I truly feel if you get your golf swing on video early on when you pick up the game, you’re givin yourself a true starting point and a phenomenal diagnositc evaluation on what you should really focus on to improve from the very beginning. Seeing yourself on video is such an eye-opener. Most of the pros use video for every practice session with their teachers.

Okay…there’s my 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Golfers. No add to it, tear it apart and tell me how you really feel 😎 !