Bubba Watson – No Golf Lessons…What’d Ya Think?

Bubba Watson Masters Champion

All the talk about right now is Bubba Watson winning the Masters and how he has never taken a golf lesson and just “plays golf”. Can we learn something from this?

I know for me, I’m a very analytical guy, and have spent 20 agonizing years in this game taking lessons, banging balls, etc…Am I happy where I’m at? No. But that’s just me.

But it got me to thinking about the free attitude Bubba has about golf. Step up and rip and deal with it after. Will he win a lot more majors? We’ll never know, but his style of golf is very unique.

If you didn’t know him, and you say his golf swing, you’d think that ball is off the planet, and definitely not in the fairway. And definitely not long like he is.

If you want to give him a quick congrats on winning, he is huge on Twitter, and will most likely respond. You can find him at @Bubba Watson on Twitter.

Give me your thoughts on this below.