Bubba Watson – No Golf Lessons…What’d Ya Think?

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Bubba Watson Masters Champion

All the talk about right now is Bubba Watson winning the Masters and how he has never taken a golf lesson and just “plays golf”. Can we learn something from this?

I know for me, I’m a very analytical guy, and have spent 20 agonizing years in this game taking lessons, banging balls, etc…Am I happy where I’m at? No. But that’s just me.

But it got me to thinking about the free attitude Bubba has about golf. Step up and rip and deal with it after. Will he win a lot more majors? We’ll never know, but his style of golf is very unique.

If you didn’t know him, and you say his golf swing, you’d think that ball is off the planet, and definitely not in the fairway. And definitely not long like he is.

If you want to give him a quick congrats on winning, he is huge on Twitter, and will most likely respond. You can find him at @Bubba Watson on Twitter.

Give me your thoughts on this below.

What do you think? 2 Comments »

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2 comments, sweet!

Comment by RBG
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April 12th, 2012 at 5:40 am

I think it’s great he doesn’t have a coach at his level. Too many folks in your ear takes away creativity and give you too many things to think of. I personnaly no longer take lessons. Once I understood the fundamentals that was it. I enjoy going out and playing with not a lot of technical stuff in my mind. I’m 52, been in this game for 8 years now and play 80+ rounds per year, scoring in the mid 80’s and I’d love to be a single digit hdcp but I’m no longer willing to have my game taken apart and rebuilt based on what someone else thinks. They aren’t there to assist when I place my ball in a good or bad position in the course so why should I see them all the time. I enjoy learning the processes on my own now on the range but mostly on the course. My “golf training for improvement time” is spent working out several days per week and a couple of hours per week on the short game and maybe 30 minutes per week of full swing practice for maintenance. My last instructor from 4 years ago said, if you just continue to do that by year 10 you’ll be a single digit and that’s acceptable to me. I’m not getting paid so why be so exact: get it out there, find it, hit it again and if you miss the green, get up and down or take you bogey, shoulder your bag and move out. A great game that’s taken too seriously by too many!

Comment by Mike Subscribed to comments via email
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April 12th, 2012 at 9:29 am

Hey RBG!

I couldn’t agree with you more. Golf should be fun, and sometimes I have to remind myself of this, as I am a perfectionist, and golf is based on artistic ability. I want to thank you for taking the time to comment in here. I’ve always dreamed of having a real community on this blog, but most golfers just don’t want to take the time to comment :(

I would love to have you on our Perform Better Golf Facebook page.

Hope to see you in here again.



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