Off Season Golf Workout Program – Winter Training

Posted by: Mike    8 years ago    Golf Exercises, Golf Strength Training, Golf Stretching, Improve Golf Swing, Motivation, Power Golf    8 responses

When it’s time to put the clubs away for the winter, it’s time to re-evaluate your season and see where you can make improvements duing the off season. This is your opportunity to start your next golf season right out of the gate, with lower scores and longer drives. You won’t have to “work your […]

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Morrie In His Home

Posted by: Mike    9 years ago    Golf Strength Training, Golf Stretching, Golf Tips For Beginners, Improve Golf Swing, Morrie, Motivation    14 responses

Today we’re at Morrie’s home discussing his game, improvement, journal and more new golf swing training drills. I think at this point (week 8 of 10) Morrie is quite pleased with his results, and he is now at a point to see even better results. By all means, comment below and let us know if […]

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Monday’s With Morrie

Posted by: Mike    9 years ago    Exercise Video Tips, Golf Instruction, Golf Tips For Beginners, Improve Golf Swing, Morrie, Motivation    51 responses

This is a golf swing transformation (journey) with Morrie Puzzi. Morrie’s story may sound familiar to you and I hope you follow along as we take Morrie’s golf swing and game to a whole new level via my golf training approach. Morrie states his goals in the video so be sure to see what they […]

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Do It No Matter What – Easy Motivation

Posted by: Mike    10 years ago    Motivation    13 responses

Do you struggle with your exercise and nutrition? I know this may sound like a dumb question, but I want to get you in the right frame of mind to benefit from this blog post on motivation. You see…success isn’t that hard! Yes it takes a consistent effort, but anything worth while in life isn’t […]

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Better Choices Better Golf

Posted by: Mike    10 years ago    Motivation    no responses

I‘m a self-help junkie. I love to read about self actualization, personal development, motivation and of course success! Unfortunately with my ADD 😯 I have 8 new books waiting to be read. But what I want to talk about is choices. Choices Determine Our Destiny I want you to really give this some thought. We […]

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