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No Backswing Golf Swing

Posted by: Mike    8 years ago    Golf Instruction, Golf Tips For Beginners, Improve Golf Swing, Mental Golf, Nutrition, Power Golf    10 responses

Another swing method! Are you ready for it? The No Backswing Golf Swing. This is yet again another name for a simple drill many of us have done for years. I know one of my many pros had me do it, as I was struggling to make a consistent swing with good sequence of motion. […]

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Going Low… Really Low

Posted by: Mike    9 years ago    Mental Golf    9 responses

Guest Post by Mental Golf Coach Wade Pearse Dr. Bob Rotella said, “Your physical game determines how “high” you can shoot, while your mental game determines how “low” you’ll shoot.” For example, Tiger Woods will never shoot 80 (unless you made him play standing on one leg and with only one hand…and even then he’d […]

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Feeling at Home on the Golf Course

Posted by: Mike    9 years ago    Mental Golf    3 responses

Guest Post by Mental Coach Wade Pearse This article is inspired by a client I worked with in June. He was preparing to play in the Senior US Open qualifier in Connecticut. We worked together closely yet only over the phone. I assessed his playing style and needs and designed a program that suited his […]

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Mental Tips To Declutter Your Mind For Better Golf

Posted by: Mike    9 years ago    Mental Golf    no responses

Guest Post by Mental Coach Wade Pearse As golfer’s we can all agree that controlling our thoughts while we play is THE greatest challenge in the game. Certainly there are swing elements and physical demands, yet your mind will be the main determinant in your scoring ability over the course of a full round of […]

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Simple Tips For Mental Toughness In Golf

Posted by: Mike    10 years ago    Mental Golf    4 responses

Guest Post by Mental Coach Wade Pearse What is mental toughness to you? Is it picturing Tiger Woods demolishing his opponents on Sunday of a tournament? There may be an overall mental toughness in golf yet there are many instances where you relate to this term differntly. It can be when a tournament or bet […]

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