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Golf Swing Is AROUND Your Body

Posted by: Mike    9 years ago    Golf Instruction, Improve Golf Swing    3 responses

My teaching pro, and I had a revelation a couple of days ago, and I truly think it’s going to change my golf swing and golf game forever! I have taken thousands of dollars of golf lessons, and not until I met my current instructor have I been able to fix my very steep downswing, […]

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Monday’s With Morrie

Posted by: Mike    9 years ago    Exercise Video Tips, Golf Instruction, Golf Tips For Beginners, Improve Golf Swing, Morrie, Motivation    51 responses

This is a golf swing transformation (journey) with Morrie Puzzi. Morrie’s story may sound familiar to you and I hope you follow along as we take Morrie’s golf swing and game to a whole new level via my golf training approach. Morrie states his goals in the video so be sure to see what they […]

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Jim McLean’s Triple “X-Factor” – Yeah Right

Posted by: Mike    10 years ago    Golf Instruction    14 responses

I had to laugh reading Golf Digest (I try to stay away from them) for January 2008 with Jim McLean and his Triple “X-Factor” article. Yet again another instructor telling a golfer the positions he must be in and NEVER discussing the physical requirements to do it! God that urks me to know end 😈 […]

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Make Putting Your Number One Priority

Posted by: Mike    10 years ago    Golf Instruction    3 responses

This is a guest post from Fred Peters the author of Ping Golf Clubs. If you are a weekend warrior like myself, I bet you get frustrated that your golf score is not dropping. Let’s face it, golf is a tough game that requires a lot practice. For a weekend golfer like me, free time […]

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How To Squeeze Every Penny Out Of Your Golf Lessons

Posted by: Mike    10 years ago    Golf Instruction    2 responses

If you’re planning on taking golf lessons, then here are some things to think about and consider so you can get the most out of the classes: 1. Bring your listening skills: The advice to “listen up” seems like common sense. But no matter what lessons or classes you’re involved in, it is one of […]

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