Bubba Watson – No Golf Lessons…What’d Ya Think?

Posted by: Mike    6 years ago    General, Golf Talk    2 responses

All the talk about right now is Bubba Watson winning the Masters and how he has never taken a golf lesson and just “plays golf”. Can we learn something from this? I know for me, I’m a very analytical guy, and have spent 20 agonizing years in this game taking lessons, banging balls, etc…Am I […]

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Hole In One

Posted by: Mike    9 years ago    General    3 responses

I played golf today with my very good bud Dave Wetter on our “home course” Dove Valley Golf Club, and Dave had a HOLE IN ONE! It was AWESOME to watch! That was his 3rd hole in one, which is 3 more than me 😀 It was the 13th hole playing 141 yards and he […]

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Tiger Woods Still Dominates US Open When Hurt

Posted by: Mike    10 years ago    General, Golf Injury    17 responses

I’m sitting here watching Tiger on the 18th hole at the US Open Golf Championship on Saturday. The guy is an ANIMAL! His golf injury to his knee is absolutely KILLING him. Will he make his eagle putt? I’ll tell you in about 10 seconds as he is getting ready to putt. Come on Tiger…make […]

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Golfing With My Son

Posted by: Mike    10 years ago    General    8 responses

Today was the first round my son Trent and I have played together this summer. Here in Arizona the kids get out of school way early, so now he’s “scott-free” and wants to play some golf. I had such a great time and I think he did too! We played one of our local courses, […]

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Happy New Year Golfers!

Posted by: Mike    10 years ago    General    one response

I want to welcome you into 2008! This is a new year and a new and improved golf game! Set your goals right now! Don’t wait another minute! Get precise goals written down, then make a plan to reach them. Stick to the plan and you’ll be amazed at your success!

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